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The PUREMixed shaker offers a new solution for mixing supplements, it is a very aesthetic shaker made of a non-toxic plastic. It has a secure lid with classic thread and a sieve for more efficient and easier dissolving of your favorite supplements in powder form.


Its ergonomic shape is specially designed for a feeling that is easy to catch, in addition, it can hold 700ml of liquid, so perfect for a wide variety of drinks that help you stay hydrated throughout the day no matter where you are.Water is the best option for hydration. However, there are many other energy drinks that can provide you with the supplements you need for proper hydration.


Thanks to the sieve inside, the powder dissolves easily and quickly, and after a few seconds you can enjoy your favorite drink, perfectly homogenized! At the same time, you get rid of the noise made while shaking other shakers with metal cylinders, and the screw cap makes you forget about leaks or accidental opening while shaking it or carrying it in your training bag.


The PUREMixed team recommends that you add the liquid before the powder to avoid depositing the powder on the bottom of the shaker or on the side walls. After use, wash with warm soapy water or can be put in the dishwasher.

Benefits of PUREMIXED Shaker:

  • It has a capacity of 700 ml,
  • Leak-free and safe in the dishwasher,
  • It contains a conical sieve that prevents the formation of lumps,
  • It is graded in milliliters (ml) and ounces (oz),
  • It has a classic screw cap,
  • Made of high quality PP,
  • It is durable and can be placed in the microwave or refrigerator,
  • Free of BPA and DEHP, being made of a non-toxic plastic,
  • Food grade certificate.


PURE Shaker_____________________700ml

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